Blade replacement made easy

About BladeFix

What’s it all about?
There can be many reasons why an aircraft needs to have engine fan blades replaced, the most common are bird strikes, FOD, abnormal wear due to harsh environments and routine maintenance.
Engine types available: CFM56-5B, CFM56-7B, LEAP-1A
Choosing the best blade for balance.
An engine such as a CFM 56 has 36 blades. When any damaged blades are replaced the new blades need to be selected so that the engine is balanced. This rotational balance is just like when weights are added to your car's wheels following a tyre change. Weights cannot be added to an engine fan blade so the optimal fan blade must be slected, this is where BladeFix come in.
BladeFix knows the moment weights of all the engines existing blades and also the moment weights of all the blades available in stock. It uses several mathematical techniques including heuristics and optimisers to solve the problem of selecting the right blades and or swapping existing blades so that the out of balance of the whole engine is minimised.
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Blade logistics
Replacement engine fan blades are often held in several locations for an airline. Ideally to minimise delivery time blades from the closest location should be selected. Whenever possible BladeFix offers a solution that involves using blades from the closest stock location. It is also possible to force it to use stock from a particular location if required.
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